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Summer Lifeguard


Maintains safe swimming conditions in the pool, deck, and surrounding areas. Creates a safe and positive atmosphere that promotes safety and engagement in accordance with Girls Inc. of Central Connecticut policies and procedures.


1.    Maintains constant surveillance of the pool area.

2.    Knows/reviews all emergency procedures and responds to emergency situations immediately in accordance with Girls Inc. of Central Connecticut policies and procedures. Completes related reports as required.

3.    Maintains effective, positive relationships with the campers, participants and other staff.

4.    Knows, understands, and consistently applies safety rules, policies and guidelines for the pool and aquatic area.

5.    Maintains accurate records as required by Girls Inc. of Central Connecticut and/or the state and local Health Department code.

6.    Performs equipment checks and ensures appropriate equipment is available as needed.

7.    Checks the pool for hazardous conditions when arriving.

8.    Performs chemical testing at appropriate times of the day, as required, and takes appropriate action.

9.    Attends all staff meetings and training as required.

10.  Assists Lead Swim Instructor as needed and directed.


1.    Minimum age of 16.

2.    Certifications: CPR for the Professional Rescuer, AED, Basic First Aid certification. 

3.    Current Red Cross Lifeguarding certification.

4.    Ability to maintain certification-level of physical and mental readiness.

5.    Must demonstrate lifeguard skills in accordance with Red Cross standards.


1.    Ability to pass lifeguard water test.

2.    Must be able to remain alert.

3.    Must be able to sit or stand for extended periods.

4.    Adequate ability to hear noises and distinguish distress signals.

5.    Ability to continuously scan all areas of the pool with clear vision.

6.    Ability to perform strenuous physical tasks necessary for a water rescue.

7.    Ability to communicate verbally, including projecting voice across distance in normal and
loud situations.

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