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About Girls Incorporated

Girls Incorporated of Meriden, established September 19, 1919, inspires all girls to be Strong, Smart, and Bold. With 90+ years of experience serving young women in the greater Meriden, CT area, Girls Incorporated is the premier all-girl environment that guides young women through self-discovery with program-based curriculum. 

Girls Incorporated empowers girls to know that they have a right to be themselves, to express themselves with originality and enthusiasm, to take risks, to strive freely and to take pride in success, to accept and enjoy the bodies they were born with and not to feel pressured to compromise their health in order to satisfy the dictates of an “ideal” physical image, to be free of vulnerability and self-doubt and to develop as mentally and emotionally sound individuals, and to prepare for interesting work and economic independence.


Girls Incorporated of Meriden provides enriched afterschool programs in science, math, and relevant technology, economic literacy, health and wellness programming, and offers traditional interactive programs like cake decorating, scrapbooking, cooking, crafts, gymnastics, and dance to young women to guide them through exploration in many different activities in a safe and nurturing environment. We offer a safe and stable oasis for girls to come and be themselves; for many this is the one constant, encouraging, and positive place they have in their lives. Girls Incorporated programs encourage girls to take risks and master physical, intellectual, and emotional challenges.


Girls Inc. Group ShotGirls Incorporated informs policy makers about girls’ needs locally and nationally. The organization educates the media about critical issues facing girls. In addition, the organization teaches girls how to advocate for themselves and their communities, using their voices to promote positive change. Click here to learn more about the Girls Inc. advocacy platform. 


Girls Inc. is a nonprofit organization which receives 77 percent of its revenue from public support—corporations, foundations, government grants and individuals. The remainder comes from affiliate dues, fees, interest and dividends. More than three-quarters of the organization’s functional expenses go directly to support program services for girls. Find out how you can get involved and support Girls Incorporated.

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Consider supporting Girls Inc. of Meriden and our programs designed just for girls. Every day, we equip girls to navigate gender, economic and social barriers and grow up healthy, educated and independent.

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